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Plant Material Deployment and Nurseries

Our nursery operations produce the most cost-efficient, highest quality planting stock of the best varieties to the tree farms we manage.

We use leading nursery propagation technologies to deliver commercial quantities of our proprietary hybrid poplar varieties. Technologies may include embryo micro-propagation of recalcitrant hybrid cross, in vitro tissue culture, greenwood rooted cuttings as well as more conventional forms of planting stock such as hardwood cuttings, rods, poles, and containerized rooted mini-cuttings. Our objective is to match planting stock to varying planting conditions to achieve high plantation survival and early growth.

Our regional teams of experienced nursery managers are responsible for the production of high quality planting stock worldwide. This knowledge and expertise is also used as a platform to expand nursery production to other species and regions. And we’ve developed strategic alliances with top flight forestry nursery production companies in the United States and Europe to supply planting stock to our projects.

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