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Fieldnotes: Issue 1

Q4 2017
Optimal Global Timberland Investment Portfolios

Fieldnotes: Issue 2

Q1 2018
US Housing Market: Is the recovery losing steam?

Fieldnotes: Issue 3

Q2 2018
FX Risk in Timberland Investment: Comparing Two Measures of Return

Fieldnotes: Issue 4

Q3 2018
Re-examining the case for timberland: Returns

Fieldnotes: Issue 5

Q4 2018
Evidence of Timber Market Recovery in the US South

Fieldnotes: Issue 6

Q1 2019
Portfolio benefits of natural climate solutions in the U.S.

Fieldnotes: Issue 7

Q2 2019
Carbon return analysis for global timberland investment

Fieldnotes: Issue 8

Q3 2019
U.S. West Coast Log Markets: Price volatility and correlation

Fieldnotes: Issue 9

Q4 2019
Timberland as a source of resiliency and uncorrelated returns

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