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Economic Research & Education

Valuing Emerging Market Forestry Investments

C.S. Binkley. 2009
IFIA Working Paper
30 January 2009

Investing in Emerging Market Forestry Projects

C.S. Binkley. 2008
Presented to the Millennium Challenge Corporation Forestry Investment Workshop
19 September 2008

A Note on the Valuation of Mature Timberland Assets

C.S. Binkley. 2008
IFIA Working Paper
22 June

Long-Run Outlook for Timber Prices

P.A. Cardellichio and C.S. Binkley. 2008
IFIA Working Paper
9 June

An Ecosystem-Based Forest Investment Strategy

C.S. Binkley, S.B. Beebe, D.A. New and B Von Hagen. 2006
White Paper Prepared for Ecotrust Forest Fund

Timberland: The Natural Alternative

C.S. Binkley, C.L. Washburn and M.E. Aronow. 2006
The Handbook of Inflation Hedging Ivestments, pp. 231-246

Global Perspectives on Intensively Managed Plantations: Implications for the Pacific Northwest

C.S. Binkley, M.E. Aronow, C.L. Washburn and D. New. 2005
Journal of Forestry, pp. 61-64

Explaining Timberland Values in the United States

M.E. Aronow, C.S. Binkley and C.L. Washburn. 2004
Journal of Forestry, pp. 14-18

The Environmental Benefits of Forest Plantations

C.S. Binkley. 2003
2 February 2003

Constructing Optimal Global Timberland Investment Portfolios

Gwenlyn M. Busby, Clark S. Binkley, and Rafal P. Chudy. 2020
Forest Policy and Economics
Vol 111
February 2020

Incorporating Payments for Ecosystem Services into Western Forest Management

Gwenlyn M. Busby and Austin Himes, CF. 2019
Western Forester
Vol. 64 Number 4
October/November/December 2019

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