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Portfolio Management and Reporting

The portfolio management group serves as our primary link with investors. Each investment entity account is led by a Portfolio Manager who coordinates all investor communications and ensures that implementation of the strategy is consistent with investment policy. Most importantly, the Portfolio Manager represents investors and their interests within all aspects of our operations.

Investors receive a set of standard reports developed by our own personnel as part of the investment management process, including:

  • Investment Memorandums on Acquisition Analysis/Due Diligence: Consolidated information and analysis for evaluation of a forestry investment, including land suitability, timber inventory, growth and yield, log prices, projected harvest volumes, operational costs and discounted cash flows.
  • 10 Year Management Plan: Developed for each property within one year of initial acquisition and revised annually.
  • Annual Property- and Portfolio-Level Budgets and Plan: Developed from the current long- term management plan, the annual plan is the basis for spending limits, harvest schedule, product marketing plan, revenue targets, and overall financial goals. These plans are typically produced 30 to 60 days before the beginning of each fiscal year.
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Financial and Operation Reports: Operating, income statement, cash flow and balance sheet actuals and budgets are the foundation for quarterly and annual financial statements and client reports.
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