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Forestry Management

GreenWood Resources maintains property management subsidiaries in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. In each region, investments are actively managed through executive leadership, technical support and forestry operations staff. With this combination of on-the- ground knowledge and global procedures, the operations team makes informed decisions about property purchases, reducing unknown risks.
Our global and regional technical centers, as well as our regional and local forestry management teams, provide the key services required at each asset, including:

  • Acquisition due diligence and execution
  • Day-to-day operations consisting of:
    • Tree improvement and plant material deployment
    • Third party contractor coordination, supervision, and monitoring
    • Resource planning, inventory monitoring, and mapping
    • Harvest planning and coordination
    • Chip and log accounting and sales
    • Ten-year operating plans with associated budgeting and forecasts
  • Management of all accounting functions of the properties
  • Administration, maintenance of records, and local compliance
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting

Integration between investment management and the local forest management teams keeps communication open, and maintains our common set of systems and procedures across the portfolio.

Download our Tree Improvement Protocol

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