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Research & Education

GreenWood Resources (GWR) conducts extensive research in the area of economics and science for internal use and for publication. Our research generally falls within two main groups; Economics Research and Biological Research.

Economics Research and Education: Our analysts, economists, and strategists conduct research in a variety of areas related to forestry investment and economics. This group conducts applied economic research on a range of topics related to plantation investments in developed and emerging markets to support investment marketing and management activities. The Economic Research group utilizes independent and third party research from a range of products and develops proprietary databases on global prices, consumption, production.

Biological Research and Education: The execution and oversight of GWR’s science/biological research and plant material deployment are implemented through GWR’s global and regional professions. Through the years, Dr. Brian Stanton, GWR’s Chief Science Officer, has published numerous articles in scientific journals related to his work on hybrid poplar. Excellence in growing trees through the deployment of elite plant material and intensive silvicultural management strategies is central to our investment strategy.

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