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Local Presence, Global Procedures and Systems

We employ all of our own professional foresters, agronomists, agro-foresters, field technicians, and administrative support with expertise in each phase of the management cycle. Our skills and services cover both forest and business management, including site evaluation and prep, plant material selection and breeding, insect and disease control, plus harvest strategies, forecasting for yields, costs, revenues and returns.

Collectively, our core plantation operations group has impressive credentials in the global development and management of intensively managed forestry plantation assets. We leverage this international expertise to manage the balance between current cash flow, plantation growth and appreciation, and environmental management to maintain and increase the value of the assets.

In addition, we have a set of standard operating procedures to provide guidelines and supporting materials for operational activities in all regions. These procedures, combined with our GreenWood Land Management Systems, improve consistency of information and performance across the company. Procedures and systems include:

  • Forest records and data storage for past practices and forward looking budgets
  • Day-to-day operations on site preparation, planting, and tending the tree crop
  • Harvest scheduling and resource planning
  • Inventory management
  • Growth and yield modeling
  • Geographic information systems
  • Land management information systems
  • Log accounting system
  • Financial accounting systems
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